2020-10 Release Announcement

less than 1 minute read

Please welcome the first FOSS Governance Collection release to the world!

The current plan is to do a new release every month. Releases are named for the year-month they’re launched, so this one is 2020-10.

What will you find in 2020-10? A heckuva lot more than we were expecting!

You folks have suggested a lot of great documents to add. When adding those, we often have a quick look around the project to see what other governance-related documents they have lying about. Thanks to your suggestions, 2020-10 features 57 new governance documents in the collection.

There are also several site-related changes. We’ve added a contributors page to thank the many people who are helping improve the project and a release notes page to keep track of all those improvements. We’ve converted the launch blog post into a new Getting Started guide. We’ve also updated the Contributing guide with more information. Hopefully this will make it easier for people to lend a hand.

Please have a look at the release notes for complete details and as always, keep those suggestions coming! The more documents we add to the collection, the more useful it is for all of us.